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Testimonials | Part 4

I think there’s a process you just have to go through to stop thinking of them as RATS and all the little preconceived notions you have about them, and start seeing them as the fun, intelligent, wonderful pets that they make…
…The ratties are doing wonderful. I couldn’t believe how much they’d grown in the week we were gone! They are so much fun to have. Their personalities are so different. Joshua is definitely the adventurous one, Corran is hilarious and Ranger would rather be on your shoulder than anywhere else. Corran’s coat has lightened since we got him, and Ranger’s has darkened, especially on his nose. They are all so cute! I just adore them.
Right now they are in my room, but we may have to move them into the den. I love having them there, but Jeremy has a tendency to wake me up EARLY in the morning or late at night to see his rat, and mom wants them to be more accessible to her, too. We’ll see.
Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful animals with us. They are a joy and a blessing to have. I’m trying to figure out how to hook my digital camera up to this computer, and when I do, I’ll be sure to send you some pictures. Have a great New Year!


Elisabeth, thank you for the adorable sweet little man I adopted from you…he is just about the most docile little guy in the world. I love him so~
(From Simon) Hi Mom, thanks for giving me such a great start and for loving me enough to let me go to my new mom!!~Simon~

Simon & Janelle

Hi Elisabeth!
The boys are all doing fine, we have moved the babies in with the big boys and everything is going okay. They are soooo much fun!!! I can’t tell you how much we all enjoy them. They are really sweet! I think you said you wanted a list of everyone and their names, so here goes: Tino–Siamese, Snoopy–beige husky, Merl–pearl merle, Zorro–blue blaze, Nipper–rex dalmatian dumbo, Simon–supposed to be siamese, points not showing (beige), Bear–black dumbo, Templeton–agouti dumbo. Wow! Just think, a few months ago we didn’t even have one. Rats are like potato chips, you just can’t have one.
I will keep in touch, may know someone who is looking for a rat. I told them they could not possibly find cuter rats anywhere!!!