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Testimonials | Part 3

Well, Simon doesn’t do much playing anymore but the 2 little boys make up for that! Todd loves watching “wrestling time”–they are so funny! What is really funny is when Dewey (the dumbo) is the one who instigates the playtime…he looks so sad, but when he starts to bounce around you know he is happy!! And they do love to pile together at bedtime…I just love them!
Dewey and Stuart are such dolls!!
Oh, Malcolm is just wonderful. He and I have been spending a lot of time together. He spent a great deal of time with me on the couch this weekend, reading the newspaper and watching television! He loves to snuggle and have the area behind his ears scratched. (He was grinding his teeth for me after I got him home on Saturday. He was sitting on my shoulder and was just letting me scratch his neck….before I knew it, he was making those wonderful grinding noises of contentment!!)


‘Tis the day after R-Day,
and, here in my cage,
are three brand new Ratlets,
6 and 10 weeks in age.

Their cheeks are so fuzzy,
their coats smooth and shiny,
and compared to my old boys,
they’re impossibly tiny.

The old guys, Abe and Benny,
behind rat room door,
are little suspecting
the changes in store.

While I stare for hours
at these creatures I’ve gotten;
these wonderful babies
from the rattery “Spoiled Ratten.”

The oldest is white, with
black marks ’round each eye.
I’m calling him Minstrel:
my “performing arts” guy.

One brother is black with
a blaze on his noodle
and white sides and belly–
I’ve named this boy Bugle.

His sibling is fearless,
a little black chummy.
I’m calling him Button, for
the white spot on his tummy.

Hey, Minstrel! Hey, Bugle…
Hey, Button, come back here!
Your mom wants to scritch
your soft cheeks and each black ear!

They all are so cuddly,
my sweet little men.
They’ve made me so happy–
soon, too, Abe and Ben.

And, if you listen real close
as I close the cage door,
you’ll hear me exclaim,
“They’re perfect! I want more!”
(Excerpt from Julie’s post on ‘the ratlist’ on March 23, 2002, edited for length) – Minstrel, the oldest of my three boys, is a year old today! Some of you may remember how, last spring, I was debating whether to pick a boy from Min’s litter. I’d wanted three ratlets (from Spoiled Ratten Rattery in Kansas City) who would all be about 6 weeks old when I picked them up in early June. Unfortunately, there were only two available boys from the correctly timed litter, so I had to adjust my plans. The available babies in Min’s litter were adorable, but I feared that they would be too old, at ten weeks (14 after quarantine), to introduce easily to my fragile 2-year olds (Abe and Benny, both gone now).
Well, I decided to take a chance, and my niece and nephew helped me pick this adorable ratlet with black “jester”-ish markings on his face . I have never regretted that decision for a second. Min is an angel. His face is constantly alive with intelligence and curiosity. He brings me joy every day, and I feel so lucky to have him. Happy birthday, Min-Min!
You can see pictures of Min with his buddies here:
At six weeks, at four months, and at seven months
I’ll try to take some more pictures today at Min’s birthday party!