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Testimonials | Part 2

I was very impressed with the love and care ratties receive at Spoiled Ratten Rattery. My Misha and Ellie were great additions to my small rattie population. They are loveable and sweet and just absolutely wonderful! I look forward to adding to our family with another SRR baby soon!


I adopted two lil’ boys from you a few months ago (a beige hooded and a mink variberk, I think). I just wanted to let you know that both of them are doing great. My entire family loves them, they are such sweet and loving critters.
I also wanted to give you the good news that I (along with the ratties) am going to be working at the Renaissance Festival this fall. My part is a Rat Sister. *giggle* Basically, I’ll be standing around in rags in the middle of the woods, singing the praises of rats to complete strangers. Sounds like fun to me. And I get to talk in a funny accent. All the better.


I just wanted to tell you that Emmy and Pearl are doing just great. I love them so much! Emmy gives you kisses every time you get close to her. Pearl is just a doll; she is the first one that comes to the cage every morning when I feed them. She also has been doing great when I give her a bath. . . Emmy, on the other hand, scratches up my arm to try to get out of the sink! I just wanted to let know how they are doing.


Vicki loves the rats. Pearl we thought was the shy one, but she is not anymore and she is quite the climber. Emmy (Emerald) is a shoulder rider. Both love to be held and love to eat. If we do not watch it we will have some very fat rats. We used your recommended recipe and they love most of it, especially the Cheerios and oats.
Vicki made the comment that she picked the best rats.

Thank you,