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Testimonials | Part 1

Those three ratties that I got from you are hilarious! They are definitely teaching Dumbalina some things!!LOL All four go to the door when I go in to feed them. And I better plan on letting them run around the room for awhile! At first, it was only Sally and then Tabitha or Hara. Now, all four are at the door and waiting. Sally and Tabitha are the two that give the bunny and gp’s heart attacks! They want so much to be close to them. Hara went to the bunny and just laid by her, and the bunny let her and even looked like she was grooming her. The ratties love to climb anything and everything, and I swear they try to give me a heart attack! Sometimes I think they are going to fall and get hurt, and they are just fine. One day I was missing a rat and finally looked in the closet, and there was Sally curled up on some extra blankets! (Of course, they have lots of t-shirts and socks in their house for their nest!) They are just the sweetest!!! If you ever need me to tell someone how tame your rats are, I’ll be glad to do so! Some of my co-workers can’t believe the stories I tell them about these girls. One of them said “how did you get her so tame?” I said, “she came to me that way!” They are absolutely wonderful! Not one has even tried to bite me….just nibbled on my fingers when they smelled food. They are really just the best! Dumbalinie is back to her outgoing self and will let me pick her up. Shortly after your three came home, she was fine. I really think it was hard on her to lose both ratties and be alone. Getting her some roommates was the best idea!!!


I cannot thank all of YOU enough for the wonderful notes you have sent, the stories, the photos, and of course, the praise. Without you, the people who love and adore rats like we do, rat breeders would have a tough time being able to produce beautiful litters. You see, it would take a very long time to accomplish our goals-to breed better rats as pets. By taking our sweet pups into your home, you make it possible for us to breed another litter. By keeping in touch with us and letting us know how your ratties are doing throughout their lives, you provide valuable information on how we are doing with regard to their health, their temperaments, longevity…
I want to especially thank those of you who take the time to find a breeder you want to work with, rather than settling for just any animal from a pet store, and for enduring my questions to be sure you are the right person to be owned by my ratties. Some of you have traveled great distances just to choose the perfect pets for you and your families. You help to spread the word about what great pets rats are. Thanks to you who wait patiently (well, as patiently as you can) for your ratties to be born and wean, watching their progress along with me and then updating me on how they are doing once they are home. You give your time, money and most of all, your heart to care for these special creatures. Without you and your input, your continued support, I couldn’t do this right. And what’s the point of doing something if you aren’t going to do it right?!