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Spoiled Ratten Rattery

Spoiled Ratten Rattery is a hobby breeder of pet rats to improve temperament, health and type. We specialize in black, Siamese, Burmese and Russian blue in standard-ear and dumbo, but we do sometimes have other types.

Rats make excellent pets! Often compared to dogs due to their high intelligence and social nature, they can be the perfect pets for people who cannot have a dog. Pet rats can even be taught tricks. They are clean and love attention from their humans. Some rats even get along with other pets, especially dogs and guinea pigs. Since they are social creatures, they should be kept in same-sex groups of two or more, but those owned by rats find that they bond just as well with their humans as they do with their cagemates.
If you are thinking of getting a rat as a pet for the first time, or even if you just want to read a neat story about one family’s experiences with these wonderful animals, check out Julie’s Rats.

If you have any questions about how to care for your pet rats, after checking out our (very basic) care page, or want more information about why rats make good pets, feel free to email me from the link below. Although I am studying all the time, I do not claim to be any kind of expert on rat care or genetics, so if you are looking for more detailed information than I have provided, go to the links page.

We have a newsgroup set up on Yahoo! for Spoiled Ratten Rats. It is open to all, so come join us!

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