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Our New Website

Hey everyone, welcome to our new site! I have to thank my brother Caleb for helping me put all of this together, a lot of new code was involved and there’s absolutely no way I could do most of this without him teaching me. I also have to thank my boyfriend Tommy for all of the graphic design. It’s nice to see a fresh, new look.
The biggest new feature on this site will be the photo gallery. It will allow everyone to browse through whatever photos they like, including current and past rat residents, current litters, old litters, GLFRA event photos, and even my other pets. As my other website has tons and tons of photos on it, it will take me some time to move them all over, but for now a large chunk of them are already here and organized into appropriate folders. Remember that most folders will have subfolders in them for easier browsing and less clutter. I will eventually also be adding details/captions for many of the pictures.
I also added a folder with pictures of available baby rats, so be sure to check it often if you’re looking for new family members!
One downside to completely switching all your information over is redoing all of the old pages. For this reason, not all will go back up. Some of the past rats and past litter pages won’t be brought over, as it would just take too long to do all that extra coding. I will add as many pictures as possible to the gallery though, and of course anyone doing research on a certain line is welcome to email me for details on a rat or litter, I keep it all offline in my own files.
I think that covers everything so far.. have fun browsing the new site everyone!!