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Breeder and Information Directory

The Ratster is a directory of links to rat and mouse breeders, personal websites of people who have pet rodents and other informational sites. We want this to be as complete as possible, so if you have a rat- or mouse-related site, please submit your url and/or email address so that it can be reviewed to be added to this directory. You will find the link for that submission at the bottom of this page.

The inclusion of any site in the Ratster is not an endorsement of the site or its contents or an endorsement of the practices of any individual or rodentry by Phoenix Gate Rattery, Spoiled Ratten Rattery, Landmark Rattery or Lone Star Rats of Central Texas. If you choose to do business with a rodentry listed here, please check carefully first to be sure they are reputable, knowledgeable and care for their animals in, at the very least, a humane and responsible manner (see Breeder Flags). Once you have gotten your new rodents, if you already have rodents at home, quarantine the new ones. There are no exceptions. You will find information about how to quarantine properly (including the RSA’s quarantine guidelines) among the links in this index.

There are several parts of the Ratster:
New! Ratfinder, (in the process of moving) a forum for finding pet rodents, posting your available rodents and for posting and finding rescue rodents. This is a worldwide source for connecting rodents with people…and forever homes.

There is a worldwide listing of rodent breeders and rescuers indexed by their location. To be included in this section requires that they completed and submitted an application to the Ratster (found at the “Submit a URL or Address” link). At the time the application was received, the site/entry was found to be appropriate for audiences of all ages, the breeder appeared not to be selling feeders, and they appeared to care for their breeding animals as they do pets-in a legal, ethical and humane manner. If that is no longer the case, the webmaster has not been notified of the change. These listings include the name of the rodentry, the prefix (if there is one), whether they breed or rescue and what species, club memberships, the language their site is in and a link to it, if there is one, shipping information, contact information, etc.

The worldwide listing of breeders that is indexed by specialty includes breeders who have a Ratster listing, who are currently breeding and who have submitted information about the specific types of rats they breed-their specialties, including up to four traits. They may also breed other types. Health and temperament are considered “a given” so this pertains to colors, markings and body or coat types. At this time, there are only rat breeders by specialty, but if there comes a time when breeders of another species of rodent would like to help set up their specialty listing, the webmaster will certainly add them. At this time, there is no other listing of this type anywhere that we are aware of, and we feel sure that it will remain the most complete of its kind just because of how long the Ratster has been in operation.

The page on prefixes is simply an alphabetical listing (by prefix) of breeders around the world. It includes the name of the rodentry as well as their location and a notation if they are no longer breeding or if they at one time or another bred animals under another name or prefix. As the webmaster also maintains the North American Rat Registry, and many breeders choose to work with others who also register their rats, members of the registry are highlighted for your information. Ratteries do not have to have a Ratster listing to be included on the prefix page.
Anyone breeding rats (or mice) can be included on the prefix page-even those who breed for feeder animals or who breed for feeders as well as pets. You will find this to be the most complete page of its kind anywhere.

Last, but certainly not least, the information links: these include clubs, registries, personal sites, general information sites and a listing of rodent-friendly veterinarians who were referred to the webmaster by people just like you-people who love rodents.

This site is maintained by two individuals who also breed rats. There is no cost whatsoever to be listed. We do allow advertising to help offset our costs (see the banner at the top), but otherwise, we pay from our personal money to maintain it. It came from what we saw as a need, and it has evolved from the original listings pages to include prefixes and specialties. We wanted to create the most complete and comprehensive information source of its type…and we think we’ve done it. We hope you find it helpful, and we hope you’ll continue to send us information and keep what we have current!

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