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Adoption Application

If you’re interested in adopting, please copy and paste the following questions into your email, answer them, and email them to me. Feel free to elaborate or extend upon any of the questions. Rather than turn you down for a “wrong” answer, I will try to educate you, so don’t worry about it too much. This application is basically to save both me and potential adopters time so I’m not typing out the same questions to everyone over and over.

– Silver Fuzz Rattery Adoption Application –
Are you interested in rats as pets only, or pets with the potential to breed them?
Will this be your first experience owning rats?
If not, do you currently have rats at home?
If yes, do you understand proper quarantine procedures?
What type of diet will you be feeding?
What type of housing will your rat(s) live in?
What type of bedding will you use in the cage?
Are you prepared to take the rat(s) to the vet if ever needed?
Did you read the Terms Of Adoption and About SFR information on my website?
Which rats are you interested in?
Email to:

Adoption Policies and Terms

First, you should read all of the information on my site so that you’re familiar with how I do things here. This will save us both a lot of time, most of the questions people email me with are already answered on this site. Then you’ll want to fill out an adoption application and email that to me.
If all goes well with your application and you’re approved, you will either be able to reserve available babies, or be added to the waiting list.

  • All babies will be placed in same sex pairs or groups, unless you already have one or more rats at home to which they may be introduced following quarantine.
  • No deposit is required to reserve babies, but please make sure you are POSITIVE before reserving. Payment via cash or check is due at the time of pick up.
  • If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent’s/guardian’s permission to adopt.
  • Parents are allowed to adopt rats as “pets for the children” provided the parents themselves are aware that they will end up being the main caretaker for the animals.
  • All rats are placed as PET ONLY unless a signed contract between both myself and the adopter states otherwise. All rats will be registered with the NARR as pet only. I do not approve of casual breeding with my rats.
  • I have an adoption contract that all adopters must sign, promising proper care in the ways of housing, diet, vet care, and child supervision. You can see a copy linked to the left.
  • You must be able to come pick up your reserved babies from me. Unfortunately, I don’t usually have the time to deliver babies or meet people anywhere. It never hurts to ask, but the answer will almost always be, “I’m sorry, but no.”
  • All adopters must quarantine their new rat(s) from me from any current rodents they may already have. If you’re not aware of proper quarantine methods, please email me for more information. This is VERY important for all rat owners, no matter where your new rat comes from!
  • All adopters are welcome to a copy of their rat(s) pedigree information. It’s usually provided on my litter pages, and if requested I will give you a paper copy as well when you pick your babies up. (Please ask in advance so I am able to print these out if you’d like.)
  • We are a closed rattery. This means adopters are not allowed into the rat room at all. I will have your babies in my bedroom or the livingroom at the time of pickup. This protects my colony from any possible airborne viruses or other infections that can be spread via visitors. NO exceptions will be made.. please do not ask.